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Name: Clark's Dad

Position:  Founder and Executive Editor/Writer (MyDadExperience.com)  

Education:  MBA, UCLA (2007); BA, Claremont McKenna College (1999)
Experience: Freelance Writer (Present), Editor-in-Chief/Writer: UCLA Anderson Exchange (2005-2007),  Writer: CMC Forum (1998-1999), Writer: Collage - Official Newspaper for the Claremont Colleges.

I started this blog because I've watched many hours of television and movies.  In fact, TV and cinema were my primary references for childbirth and fatherhood throughout my life.  However, even those "Deliver My Baby and Bring It Home Story" shows didn't match what I was seeing in prenatal classes and in the actual delivery room.  I felt my many hours in front of the glowing screens had misled and failed me.  I can't be the only one. Other expectant and new fathers must also be walking around blind to what lies ahead.

Trivia: 1) I used to manage and man the grill of my own barbecue restaurant eponymously named Big Keeya's BBQ.  2) I was a professional poker player (only for about 6 mo.) 3) My son Clark was born on Good Friday.  

      - Clark's Dad

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