Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What's the Easiest and Least Mentioned Child-Proofing Step You Can Take?

Here is a quick tip or two:

When it comes to child proofing, everyone adds outlet covers.  It's Baby 101.  Some parents install safety gates, corner protectors and cabinet locks.  A simple trick I rarely see mentioned on list of child-proofing steps is turning the nozzle on spray cleaning bottles to 'OFF.'  Yes, I know it's not foolproof.  The littlest ones somehow have the ability to squeeze the trigger, yet won't have the dexterity to turn the dial.  Toddlers may develop the dexterity to turn the dial, but the extra time it takes may delay or confuse them long enough for you stop them before a trip to the emergency room becomes necessary.

The same principles apply to closing the bathroom door, which is where a lot of dangerous compounds are kept in my home.  Just closing the door won't hold them off forever but will thwart their efforts when they are tiny, as well as delay them and possibly alert you when they attempt to breach your defenses when they're a little older.

PSA: Should a child or anyone else in the home ingest cleaning liquid or other potentially poisonous items call Poison Control right away.  Which reminds me, ALWAYS keep the number for Poison Control accessible in your home (800) 222-1222.

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